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mitch revs

Previously Mitch Revs

  SOLD OUT // Launched October 2015 // Mitch Revs, cool, old school hand sketched skate/surf style was exactly what I wanted when envisioning my Lazy Bones print. inspired by the Bones Brigade, I wanted this style to be represented in my launching collection. Something I could see sitting in my home for either son or daughter with a skateboarding dad, who is more of the old school skate style than the new school tricky kids. Mitch and I both have grown up in and call home the beach side town of Newcastle. I am pretty sure the term ‘Good Vibes’ relates to this smiling dude Mitch. He is all sunshine I swear and his creativity is oozing.I adore that our lazy bones is youthful, gender neutral and damn straight a pretty awesome character. For his legions of fans and followers and for those just discovering the awesome work of Mitch Revs, here is your chance to get a bit of the old school cool that is Mitch in your home. Limited edition. Hand screen printed on our custom, vintage washed, soft as soft 100% pure linen. See more of Mitch’s rad work through his instagram @mitchrevs