a pure linen awakening

returning in april

same quality. same vintage washed pure french flax linen. all hand finished with love,

linen for littles

hand printed artist collaborations

linen for lovers

 hand dyed earthy hues

hand printed. hand dyed. limited edition.

Every single piece we create is hand finished by us. Printing & dying the linen ourselves in our tiny print space and home. We hope you can feel the love in each piece that is finished and packed by us sent with intentions of sweet dreams to your door. Embrace the slight imperfections knowing your linen is truly unique and yours.

Each collection we collaborate with a hand selection of incredible artists. Hand screen printing their incredible works onto our custom woven pure linen - something for you, your little & lover to all enjoy. Prints that appeal to all ages, in very limited runs.

Hand dyed linen is dyed by us, in our home. Earthy tones, vintage washed by us for you.