Jaime Kachel


When one of my most magical girlfriends Jaime Kachel embarked on a course in Japan in 2015 to learn the beautiful craft of Shibori my mind was spinning with the possibilities.

Shibori is something in which our culture has become a tiny bit obsessed, but the true craftsmanship and understated beauty of this incredible dying technique has been lost in our world of mass production and replication. In this collection we wanted to focus on the beauty of minimalism that celebrates the human rather than the machine.

Here, after A LOT of talking, arm-twisting, and damn straight begging we have our INDIGO collection. 

The process of hand stitch/bound Shibori does take more time, but the results are far greater and more valuable than mass produced pieces. Like the nature of our hand screen printing, the INDIGO collection guarantees a completely unique item every single time. Chance and accident also give life to the Shibori process, and this is its special magic and strongest appeal. Inspired by a variety of traditional techniques shiboru “to wring, squeeze, press” our custom woven pure flax linen is manipulated into numerous shape resistant designs and immersed and into the deep blue. The pillowslips also feature homage to boro stitching using sashiko thread; hand stitched by Jaime - no two the same.

Every single piece we offer is an item that resonates with the spirit of the maker's hands and heart. 

Available in Pillowslip, Fitted Cot Sheet, Throw and Single Quilt Cover.

Limited Edition.

Hand Screen Printed on our custom, vintage washed, soft as soft, 100% pure linen.