French Heritage Slip. Natural Linen

$150.00 AUD

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In remake - coming October / November. Be on mailing list for first notice.

GOTS certified 100% organic linen.

A remake of an original turn of the century French undergarment I personally own, made circa 1900-1910.

The Dazed version has had 2 minor modern adjustments - the dropping of the armpit to create more space and comfortability and pockets.... because in my humble opinion every dress needs pockets.

It features as the original does, an internal drawstring around the neckline. To gather in if it sits too low on your body frame or you just personally prefer a higher more conservative decolletage. Along with all linen lace details.

Designed with the intent of being worn as a night dress, but that can be rolled into a day dress. I'm all about the 24/7 linens.

Perfectly worn alone, Incredible layered, can be belted. 

The dress comes in 3 generous sizes 1 , 2  & 3.


The dress is oversized in its design and shape. A-Line.

Measurements & International size chart are below.

If you are one size top and an alternate size bottom, I recommend buying to you're top size as the dress widens as it falls.

The dress is breastfeeding friendly.

Natural Linen, not see through - only vaguely sheer with extreme direct sunlight. Dark coloured underwear can be worn underneath.

Each dress comes with it's own Dazed drawstring tote bag.

*Shimma is a size 10-12 and an E-cup and wears a size 2 throughout the photoshoot.

(Belt and Shirt not sold with dress, shown as styling options)