bed cover

bed cover

Our giant single layer of hand dyed stonewashed linen will drape all bed sizes falling to the floor.
No peaking mattresses, nothing to tuck in, no tug of war for the covers with 3m x 2.4m of luxurious French linen.
Available as a seperate.
Or sets include two pillowslips.
Dazed but Amazed or dba logo printed at the foot.

birthmark series

Do you consider your birthmark a flaw?

Perfect linen with birthmarks of clustered pigment. An irregularity that seeks claim as a fault. I beg to differ. Here find a very special yet reduced pricepoint of birthmark pieces and one of a kind experimenting hand dyed hues. The truest results of hand created variations.

duvet cover

duvet cover

All our duvet covers seal with an easy invisible zip, no fussing with buttons or ties required. They feature internal tie tabs to secure your quilt in place & the dba stamp or Dazed but Amazed logo is printed on the foot of the topside only.


wrap yourself in all the greens inspired by the eucalyptus.

fitted cot sheets

fitted cot sheets

Let your baby rest on linen.

This is where my linen journey began. Wanting the best quality, most hypoallergenic fibres for my most precious to rest on.

Incredible for allergy prone families.

Each cot sheet has the dazed but amazed or dba logo stamped on the foot.

fitted sheets

fitted sheets

Our super deep fitted sheets have a depth of 40cm and an extra thick and strong elastic holding your sheet perfectly in place all the time.


like sunshine, stay golden.

hand dyed to order

hand dyed to order

This collection is limited edition and hand dyed by me personally to order.

Featuring the tangled up in blue sets - 5 new hues and up to 4 tones in your set of jade blues and greens inducing all the feels of the ocean and getting you 'tangled up in blue'.

Plus the sea glass and moss hand dyed shades available as block sets or individual linens.


To reopen early 2020. Be on the mailer for notice.

Thank you so much for the love, for the patience and the investment in the linens that are created by my hands and heart for you.

hand painted stripe

hand painted stripe

A perfectly imperfect version of the Dazed but Amazed pinstripe variety.

Hand Painted watercolour pinstripes in variations of thick and thin stripes mixed and matched into the perfect bedding mix. To add as single pieces or build into the full combination. Our custom white linen with the caramel painted pinstripe digitally printed to perfection matches in with the entire dazed collection.

i dreamt of you like déjávu.... 'for many moons i will love you'

i dreamt of you like déjávu.... 'for many moons i will love you'

These hand dyed and hand printed beauties are a re-release from the original 2015 collaboration we created exclusively with Californian mother of three Kelli Murray. Going through two separate phases of hand finishing.

First hand dyed into the blue varying shades of the night sky & then each piece hand screen printed with the white glowing moons.

limited edition.


soft feminine lilac hues ensuring sweet lavender dreams


pastel warm orange tones keeping you peachy.



All of our pillowslips are standard size 50cm wide x 73cm long.

Featuring a mid envelope enclosure on the back and the dazed but amazed of dba logo stamp.

NEW* King sized slips now available in Terra Rose, Sand & Eucalyptus.

50cm wide x 90cm long.

Ready for you.

Adore the concept of hand dyed to order?

But wanting your pure linen bedding yesterday?

All of my pure linens are hand dyed to order, however when creating a dye bath hate the thought of wasted dye baths so where the space allows always add in extra where need be.

Right here you will find a very small collection (generally one's and twos) of pure linen hand dyed pieces, ready to go.

So you don't need to wait for 'dyed to order', but still get a hand finished piece sent with sweetest dreams to your door.


the softest hue of rose petal pinks running like rosewater.

fitted cot . thin hand painted stripe


The kids are all right in linen.

Up to 60% off linen clothing, single and double bedding sizes and cot sheets.

Sizing limited. Wont be restocked. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.


a worn in vintage terracotta like a lifetime of warmth from the sun.


warm earthy orange-brown be wrapped in soft caramel toffee.

pure linen bedding

tonal curated sets

Sometimes finding the mix you are wanting is the hardest part.

So here I have carefully curated my hand dyed hues into complimentary mixed sets taking the hard decision making out of it for you.

You can also build your own sets with each piece individually by seeing all products here.

Regardless all hues are hand created by me, ready mixed, by me for you.