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dazed x la réunion studio

dazed x la réunion studio

It is with great honour and excitement I announce Dazed’s first collaboration with another clothing brand. One of which I am personally a customer (many times) and am in continued awe and inspiration for the quality, ethics, design and ethos.

That of none other than La Réunion Studio.

Alongside Réunion we have used our latest excess fabrics to recreate the Dazed version of Réunion Studio’s Wrapper Skirt Dress.

In designer Nigerian-American, Sarah’s Nsikak's words;

“This style is a tribute to the wrapper my mother and so many others wore as they moved through the world with a child on their back, all while keeping the world spinning on its axis”

An incredibly simple yet versatile garment worn by both men and women.

With the guidance of Sarah and La Réunion, we have created 3 colour combinations  of the Wrapper Skirt Dresses utilising Dazed’s exclusive hues.

Each patchwork skirt extremely limited to a quantity of 38 pieces only.

10% of all profits from these garments donating to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Read more about la Réunion and why this is such a special collaboration to be personally here.



Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Caramel + Sand.Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Caramel + Sand.
Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Eucalyptus + Lilac WineRéunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Eucalyptus + Lilac Wine
Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Honey + Mustard.Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Honey + Mustard.