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When I decided to create a children's bedding line, the fabrication was the first and foremost important factor. Right from the get-go I knew it was to be pure linen, and I wasn't going to let price nor quality be persuaded.

I have long had a love affair with linen, it is where I rest my head at the night & what hugs my own bed and me of a night. So when I started to require the same for my most loved and cherished little person, it was impossible for me to find.

So for those of you unaware of the difference between linen & cotton, here is the run down...


What is linen?
Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is regarded internationally as the best quality fabric. Linen has been long favoured for sheeting because of its amazing properties. It softens the more it is used and washed, is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. It is not uncommon that families will pass linen sheets on to the younger generation as an heirloom. 

Benefits of linen
Linen is a very durable fibre and has many benefits over cotton.
-          Linen is 30% stronger than cotton
-          Has a high moisture absorbency
-          Hypo-allergenic
-          Highly breathable
-          Structurally sound fibre so products keep their shape
-          Environmentally friendly – less water and chemicals to cultivate

What is the difference between cotton and linen sheets?
Cotton and linen are two similar products, yet they are quite different in their look, feel and properties.

When washed and cared for correctly cotton sheets will last around 3-5 years, before showing signs of wear. Linen fabric, however, gets better with age. It becomes softer with every wash and doesn’t break down as fast which is due to the higher moisture absorbency rate of the linen fibres. It is also naturally hypoallergenic which means sweat is less likely to break down the linen fibres, as it would in cotton.

Unlike cotton, linen when cared for correctly has the potential to last up to 2-3 decades before needing to be replaced.

Linen, can come in many thicknesses.

Our Dazed but Amazed linen is custom woven, specifically for us with the feel to is vintage washed, to ensure your babes are receiving a product that is not only hardy, but pre softened and ready for many hours of perfect sleep.



Wash prior to first use. Warm or cold Machine Wash.

Launder any stains immediately

Rinse Thoroughly. Do Not Bleach. 

Line Dry in Shade or Tumble Dry on Low.

If desired, press with warm iron on reverse side whilst linen is slightly damp. 

Do Not Dry Clean.



With a minimum amount of proper care, pure linen will last a lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation.

Its luminous quality is caused by nodes on the flax fibers, which reflect light, and the more linen is washed the softer and more luminous it becomes.


    • Once rinsing and spinning cycles on a washing machine are complete, either line dry the linen items, lay them flat or hang garments -- all until slightly damp. Avoid wringing out linen before drying.

    • A variety of drying methods is recommended for linen: line drying, machine drying or rolling in terry towels. Whatever method you use, remember to remove the linen from the line, the dryer or the towels while it is still damp. If linen dries thoroughly, it becomes brittle and takes several hours to recover its natural moisture and full flexibility. (The natural moisture content of linen is between 6-8%. Linen dried beyond this point will re-absorb moisture from the air.)
    • If you tumble dry, ensure the temperature is on low.
    • Although i prefer to keep my linen, un-ironed, and embrace the organic ruffled look, if you would like to iron your linen. Our hot tip is store linen items in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer for 6 to 24 hours before ironing. This will it easier to iron and will prevent mildew.
    • Each of our linen items come in it's own Dazed but Amazed pure linen storage slip. Place your freshly cleaned items in this slip in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.



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