production and transparency

Thank you so much for the linen loving and taking the time to be interested and find importance in knowing where the products you invest in are created.
I appreciate a customer who is asking these questions.
So to be clear, and I have addressed this a couple times on my instagram over the years and wanted to have a place here permanently on the website to show I am more than happy to be completely transparent.
My linen bedding is 100% linen. It is 100% French Linen.
Linen is derived from the Flax plant and the Flax is woven to create the linen fibre.
The flax used to create my linens is 100% French and from France.
Dazed but Amazed linen is custom woven and created to order for me, by my production team whom are based in China.
They are a completely ethical production team, their work standards are high and I pay a very high rate. 
The company are Oeko Tex Certified which is just one step down from Organic Certified. It’s an independent certification proving no harmful chemicals are used in any stages of production.
The fact my linens are custom woven means I do not buy linen on a roll. There is no waste. It is made to order and in this sense means very minimal to no waste at all.
Even with the small cut offs I do have - I offer swatches, or have made my tea towels from the extra fabrics so nothing is wasted.
Linen is also more ethical and sustainable in the way the plants are grown and also the way the linen is woven. Using a lot less water in production than that of cotton and the fabric has longevity meaning it will last a lot longer and not need replacing as regularly as a cotton sheeting for example.
You can read more about this here from a non bias stand point here  :
To be clear I definitely do not cut and sew the sheets - the cost and also waste in this situation would be unbearable for those that may think I hand make my bedding myself from scratch.
I am a stay at home mum whom also runs my business and have no employees so all the customer service, packing, parcelling, shipping and dyeing is done by me :)
I do however offer a collection of dyed to order by me -  hand dyeing all of the linen myself, and then due to demand in our product I introduced the dba collection of ready dyed linens in late 2018.
The colours matched perfectly to my hand dyed hues - these are all 100% Oeko Tex Certified and allow me to more easily offer my total sets.
I still offer the Dazed but Amazed hand dyed to order by me collection as well sporadically.
Please let me know if I can help you with any further information.
I hope you puts you at ease with supporting Dazed.