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All Dazed but Amazed Linen is Oeko-Tex certified. 

DBA Ready Dyed Linens.

The DBA ready dyed hues are still my hand dyed colours. These tones in order to become more sustainable and be able to offer ready mixed sets, have been perfectly matched by my manufacturer. Still Oeko-tex certified, still my unique hand dyed hues. But ready dyed. Ready to ship. No worry about variation if your collection is slow building. These pieces are also less likely to fade with wash and wear. DBA linens are stamped with our DBA logo as opposed to the full Dazed but Amazed branding which signifies hand dyed to order.



Dazed but Amazed Dyed to Order Linens.

This is a preorder, dye to order service now offered only once per year.

The Dazed but Amazed dyed to order french flax pure linen bedding is hand dyed by me personally, here in my home. In a range of natural inspired vintage hues. I get asked often if I use natural plant dyes for this. The quick answer is no. But there is heavily thought out reasoning behind this so if you are concerned or interested here is why...

Firstly my linens are custom woven and created as a unique product for Dazed but Amazed. So it is manufactured and then as phase two I hand dye. I have created unique recipes hand mixing to formulate my tones with non-toxic oeko Tex certified dyes. Each piece is then hand dyed to order by me for you.

Natural plant dyeing I am very interested in. However it is the hardest and most variable form of dyeing. Dye stuffs as collected or bought, are derived from Mother Nature who like us all continue to change - it is near impossible ( I take my hat off to the masters) to replicate a colour time and time again when not dyed at the one time in the same vat. Then variables like water temperature, PH levels, seasons, location all effect the end colour and also the colour fastness (staying power). Then there is the other side where at times environmentally questionable mordents (such as chromium) are combined with a natural dye stain to fix it to the material.

I adore my linen fabrics, it is a luxury fibre and it is important that I can deliver a somewhat consistent line of colour. Although there will still always be slight variation in my hand dyeing, and there will still fading as the dye settles in with wear. I as the always learning dyeing student feel so much more confident in bringing a continuous line of colour that I can hand create and bring to my loyal incredible customer. The dyeing and creating of new hues is actually my favourite part of the entire process. Dazed but Amazed hand dyed to order linens are branded with the full Dazed but Amazed logo, as opposed to the DBA stamp.