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A slow evolution of Dazed to wear.

Sleep. Lounge. Wear.


French Heritage Slip. Natural LinenFrench Heritage Slip. Natural Linen
French Heritage Slip. BlackFrench Heritage Slip. Black
French Heritage Slip. Black Sale price$149.00
French Heritage Slip. LavenderFrench Heritage Slip. Lavender
French Heritage Slip. MossFrench Heritage Slip. Moss
French Heritage Slip. Moss Sale price$149.00
French Heritage Slip. CocoaFrench Heritage Slip. Cocoa
French Heritage Slip. Cocoa Sale price$149.00
French Heritage Short Slip. BlackFrench Heritage Short Slip. Black
French Heritage Short Slip. ToffeeFrench Heritage Short Slip. Toffee
French Heritage Short Slip. JacarandaFrench Heritage Short Slip. Jacaranda
French Heritage Short Slip. PalmFrench Heritage Short Slip. Palm
Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Caramel + Sand.Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Caramel + Sand.
Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Honey + Mustard.Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Honey + Mustard.
Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Eucalyptus + Lilac WineRéunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Eucalyptus + Lilac Wine
Lace Crop . Natural LinenLace Crop . Natural Linen
Lace Crop . Natural Linen Sale price$82.00
Lace Crop . Black
Lace Crop . Black Sale price$82.00
Lace Crop . White
Lace Crop . White Sale price$82.00
Paint Jacket . CamouflagePaint Jacket . Camouflage
Paint Jacket . Camouflage Sale price$142.00
Paint Jacket . Natural LinenPaint Jacket . Natural Linen
Long Robe. BlackLong Robe. Black
Long Robe. Black Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. CaramelLong Robe. Caramel
Long Robe. Caramel Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. EucalyptusLong Robe. Eucalyptus
Long Robe. Eucalyptus Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. HazelnutLong Robe. Hazelnut
Long Robe. Hazelnut Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. JacarandaLong Robe. Jacaranda
Long Robe. Jacaranda Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. MustardLong Robe. Mustard
Long Robe. Mustard Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. PalmLong Robe. Palm
Long Robe. Palm Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. Sea GlassLong Robe. Sea Glass
Long Robe. Sea Glass Sale price$156.00
Long Robe. ToffeeLong Robe. Toffee
Long Robe. Toffee Sale price$156.00