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complete bedding sets (sale)

complete bedding sets (sale)

Sometimes finding the mix you are wanting is the hardest part.

So here I have carefully curated my custom dazed hues into complimentary tonal sets taking the hard decision making out of it for you.

You can also build your own sets with each piece individually by seeing all products here.

Regardless all hues are hand created by me from my hand dyeing, then carefully matched by linen maker GOTs certified, EU linen certified and Oeko Tex 100% pure linen.

Mixed, matched and curated, by me for you.

Products that are sold out are removed from view to avoid congestion.

All sales final.

complete bed set . natural linencomplete bed set . natural linen
complete bed set . natural linen Sale priceFrom $287.00
complete bed set . tonal 10complete bed set . tonal 10
complete bed set . tonal 10 Sale priceFrom $287.00
complete bed set . tonal 11complete bed set . tonal 11
complete bed set . tonal 11 Sale priceFrom $287.00
complete bed set . tonal 12complete bed set . tonal 12
complete bed set . tonal 12 Sale priceFrom $287.00
complete bed set . tonal 13complete bed set . tonal 13
complete bed set . tonal 13 Sale priceFrom $287.00
complete bed set . white linencomplete bed set . white linen
complete bed set . white linen Sale priceFrom $287.00