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This purchase is for 1 x Dazed patchwork raffle ticket.


Each purchase/ticket can only be for 1 pair of shorts & as per NSW regulations - your order number will be your raffle ticket number.

If you are wanting to purchase more than one raffle ticket each purchase must be done separately. Each order number will be your raffle ticket number.

There are no shipping charges - the $25 charge is a donation amount.

100% of your $25 raffle ticket charge will be donated to Childrens Ground. 

Children’s Ground is an Australian not-for-profit organisation designed with and led by First Nations people to end enduring injustice and disadvantage. More about this incredible organisation  how the donations are utilised can be read here 


Each pair of shorts is VALUED at $100AUD.

Each pair of shorts is completely unique. Utilising the Dazed linens you know and love in hues you know and hues that were unique one off sample dye swatches created by Jes. Using damaged items, faulty goods, dyeing samples to remake magic.

Hand made piece by piece at the hands of Canadian based PlayKIDS clothes.

Kelvie is a one woman show making and creating her patchwork magic from home.

Available in 4 children's sizes.


You may enter / buy as many raffle tickets as you like. Increasing your chance of wining and you are able to win more than once if you have multiple winning ticket numbers drawn.

The Raffle runs from 9th December until 16th December - winners will be drawn and notified on the 17th December.

Winning items will be shipped anywhere around the world at the cost of Dazed but Amazed.

100% of all monies taken for the raffle will be donated to Childrens Ground.


Thank you for getting behind a good cause with us.