Flood Relief Raffle Ticket


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Raffle now closed... to be drawn.

Each purchase is for one ticket.

You can purchase as many times as you like.

Winning prize is a $2000 voucher for the Dazed but Amazed store.

Our incredible international community has been asking how they can help and while we will continue to share all on ground resources.

100% of the monies raised in this raffle will go towards buying and sourcing what is needed in the communities on a rotating changing daily basis as the needs are changing so rapidly.

As we are close we can purchase in need resources and have them in use immediately.

Dazed but Amazed has also donated over $10,000 worth of bedding and clothing to the region.

Raffle open from 9th till 13th March 2022.

Winner will be notified by email on 14th March 2022.