Réunion Wrapper Skirt Dress. Caramel + Sand.

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In collaboration with la Réunion Studio.

Meant to be worn as a skirt or as a dress, this style has pockets and is made of excess Dazed linen, ensuring there is no waste in our production.

GOTS certified 100% organic linen of Dazed you know and love.

Model photos are for fit and styling reference.

Measurements taken lying flat:

WB: 28" (fully extended) / 70cm
Length: 38 1/2" / 100cm
These skirt dresses are hand quilted and not lined.
Gathering at the waist with a woven cotton draw string.
In the words of designer Sarah Nsikak

"One of my earliest memories is of my parents in their wrappers. I was always fascinated by the way they work this Nigerian clothe around their bodies and had many different ways of doing so. My mother was especially creative, finding ways to wear it around her neck halter style, strapless like a towel, or around her waist as a skirt (which my father also lived in). My mother use to layer wrappers when we were small, using one for herself and one to carry me or one of my siblings on her back. This is a traditional practice in many African countries, and it's a symbol of industriousness that I  look back on often with fondness and reverence. 

This style is a tribute to the wrapper my mother and so many others wore as they moved through the world with a child on their back, all while keeping the world spinning on its axis".

Read more about la Réunion and why this collaboration is so special to me here.

10% of all profits from these garments being donated to The African Wildlife Foundation.