ARQ Wide Strap Bra - teal

$70.00 AUD

An exclusive collaboration between Arq x Dazed

This is a unique hand dyed color only available here.

Limited Edition hand dyed drops of tonal Dazed colours.


Arq call it the wide strap “bra” - you can call it your new best friend :)

Signature bound edges. Pullover design. Best fits cup sizes A through D.

92% organic cotton, 8% spandex

Personally hand dyed with Oeko-Tex certified synthetic dye.

**Many people size up in this style**. Use Arq's bra size guide below when figuring out your correct size.

(Note- 'band size' is not the same as your rib measurement in inches.)

arq size rib measurement band size cup size
xs 24-25.5” 28-30 a-d
s 26-27.5” 30-32 a-d
m 28-30.5” 32-34 a-d
l 31-32.5” 36 a-d
xl 33-36.5” 38-40 a-d


*the color 'cotton' which is the dye base for this collection has natural flecks  throughout which add to the beauty of this natural fiber.

*Care recommendation; we like our clothes washed cold, line-dried, and a little bit rumpled around here. Your clothes, energy bill, and the earth will like it too! :)